Top 10 Ingredients In Pedigree DENTAStix

  1. Rice flour (Minus 1 point): Cheap filler, causes bowel distress and can lead to diabetes in dogs.
  2. Wheat starch (Minus 1 point): Poor carbohydrate source causes allergies.
  3. Glycerin (Minus 1 point): Sweetens food, used as humectant (keeps food moist), interferes with nutrient assimilation.
  4. Calcium carbonate (Plus 1 point): Standard source of calcium, promotes strong bones, teeth, cardiovascular health and skeletal strength, used as a buffer to acidic foods.
  5. Gelatin (Minus 1 point): Filler / binder in can food.
  6. Gum arabic (Minus 1 point): Cheap filler/binder used in can foods.
  7. Cellulose Powder (Minus 1 point):Suspected to include recycled cardboard.
  8. Natural poultry flavor (Minus 1 point): Poor quality of flavor additive.
  9. Sodium tripolyphosphate (Minus 1 point): Used as rancid meat preservative.
  10. Salt(Minus 1 point): Used to cover up rancid meat and fat, can cause kidney and heart disease, hypertension — used to encourage cats to drink, source of sodium chloride.

Adorable and catchy advertising, but a terrible product!

21 thoughts on “Top 10 Ingredients In Pedigree DENTAStix

  1. Erica "FitMusician"

    Thanks for sharing this info, Lindsay. Nutrition is as important for our canine buddies as it is for ourself. It frustrates me that nutrition labels are as misleading for both people food and dog food.


  2. Helen Wilson

    My puppy who is just over 5 months had one of these yesterday, the frist one, and has had terribly messy poos today. I wont be giving them to her again.


  3. Belhaven

    Is that a list of the American ingredients? The Australian packaging, which says it’s made in the EU, reads much better;

    Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals (sodium tripolyphosphate min 2.6%, zinc sulphate min 0.11%), meat and animal derivatives. Contains EC permitted preservatives and colourants.

    Not great but, in my opinion, fine for a small treat for a big dog like my German Shepherd. He’s on $100 per 15kg kibble and gets bones and fresh meat. But these do seem to rub off plaque.


  4. Ellen Faria

    The biggest problem with Dentastix is that Pedigree refuses to answer whether the some or all of the ingredients are from China. As I have asked them several times on their Facebook page and they haven’t answered me, but have answered questions asked before and after mine, I’m going to assume the treats have ingredients sourced in China.

    Considering China’s track record with pet food and treats, including the current jerky treat problems, I cannot, in good conscience, feed them to my dogs. Too bad, because they do a great job of cleaning my dogs teeth.


  5. Wendy

    I gave my dog a dentastix on 2 occasions. The 2nd time I realized his odd behavior – like trying to eat the rug and very hyper was the result of eating. the dentastix. The ingredients do look awful. I will throw the rest of the bag away.


  6. Ron Flinders

    Igave my 68 lb Aussie Dentastix and he has thrown up on and off for two days. He just had his regular physical and passed with flying colors so as far as I am concerned, the problem is the Dentastix. Now he is not his usual perkie self. Just wants to lay.


  7. Frank

    We have been giving our 2 labs Dentistix for about 6-9 months. We chose Dentistix because the bag says “Made in Canada” (We are in the U.S.) Of course, there is no way to know the origin of the ingredients and I am now wondering about China. Last night, 9 July 2014, my perfectly healthy 5 year old lab had a terrible, prolonged seizure (stiff legs, shaking, confusion, frothing at the mouth, eyes rolled back). I thought she was going to die right there on the floor. Fortunately, she made it to emergency vet care and appears to be recovering. I cannot connect this event to Dentistix but they are definitely going in the trash.

    Regarding whether Dentistix have ingredients from China, I don’t know. However, I do know that Canada has protocols through which Chinese pork and poultry can be imported into Canada – both for human and animal consumption. Once processed in Canada, product can be labeled as Canadian. Take a look for yourself:


  8. I feel there is a clue in the brand name. (stix) Sticks playfully thrown usually end up chewed to bits (not eaten) where I’m sure they do more to remove plaque than some snack type thing which can be partially chewed then ‘bolted’ down thereby defeating the object. Looking at many other forums the problems some owners have suffered are horrendous. My Lab had been vomiting so so violently he brought up blood. With the Vet’s attention and feeding regime which eventually cut out dentastix he ‘suddenly’ fully recovered. I advised the manufacturer of this where I offered to send the pack to them for testing but alas I am waiting for a reply.


  9. I gave Pedigree Dentastix to my dogs in the evening, supervised, and by the next morning they each had the same horrifying symptoms:

    Congealed and bloody diarrhea

    Vomiting (sometimes foamy)


    Refusal to eat AT ALL.

    The diarrhea was hellish and lasted for FOUR DAYS. I finally got rice and hamburger into them on night three, which they vomited back up, finally keeping it down by the evening of day four, after noticeable weight loss from being so violently ill.

    Dentastix was the only change to their diet/routine. They weren’t ill before eating Dentastix, nor has anything like this ever happened in their 9 yrs of life.

    I stopped giving my dogs any treats after the first large pet food recall, but it slipped my mind when Hubs brought these home for our dogs’ teeth/breath.

    Shame on Pedigree for making my dogs, like family members to us, suffer like they did.

    Never again.

    I’m posting this because it helped me to narrow down the source of our dogs’ illness, after seeing others complaining about the exact same symptoms after feeding Dentastix.


  10. Mai Robinson

    My Westie was given one Dentastix Fresh for 3 days running by a friend of mine about a week ago. Since then he has been constantly itching himself. Normally he is only given carrots or peas as treats and so I am wondering if it is possible that it is the Dentastix that have caused him to itch?


  11. Amber strickland

    Gave our 7 year old chow chow Dentastix shes vomiting, and so much diarrhea that we woke up to our semi truck full of diarrhea and it took us 2 hours to clean, and the smell is horrible still. She has done nothing but sleep and won’t eat.


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