Flextrospective: A Photo Summary

We`ll Miss You Flex!

Flex arrived 17 days ago, and I feel like he`s going home a new, CONFIDENT doberboy.
I`ve been able to accomplish so much with him. He`s been an incredibly rewarding boarding client. When his parents dropped him off, they gave me a back clipping harness and a muzzle, `just in case`. And wished me luck.

In the mean time, he`s been going on my daily dog walking routes with me, and he`s met so many new doggie friends, his parents would be blown away at his progress. I instantly switched up his back clip harness to an Easy Walk Harness, and his tugging issue instantly disappeared.
His first night was a tough one. He spent a lot of time pacing. I knew he just needed to settle in, and an opportunity to get that energy out ……. And boy, he got a lotta`exercise during his visit!

Over the past 2 weeks, he`s accomplished and been exposed to so many new things, including:

– Daily trips to the dog park, for his big dog play, which included lots of barking — just the way a lot of dobie`s play!
– 4-5 hours of leash walking with me, on his Easy Walk Harness.
– Meeting at least 9 doggie friends a day, and walking in a pack.
– Going in an out of elevators, which he`s now fearless of.
– He can now go `poop`on command
– Learning to do an automatic stop & sit at intersections, knowing he`ll be rewarded with his favourite liver treat.
– `Watch`is something Flex is awesome at now; his eyes instantly dart up at me, waiting for his treat he knows he`ll get if he makes eye contact with me.
– He`s now used to be crated from 2-4:30pm, while I get my computer and paperwork done. This was a tough adjustment for Flex, and he was initially really upset that it was `quiet time`. But even that quickly changed. His energy levels drastically decreased, as did his anxiety. Within a few days, he started to appreciate his sleepy time, and gracefully entered his crate at his designated nap time. He was TIRED after all of these walks, every single day with me!


I also made a big effort to take Flex everywhere with me; TD Canada trust (they know him at 2 locations), Winner`s, H&M, Lululemon, my 2 local variety stores (Flex knows exactly where my fav chocolate milk is located at the back of the store!), and so many other dog-friendly stores along Queen St West. He became so relaxed in the city environment, that there would be times I`d stop to chat with friends on the busy street, and Flex would lay down, paws crossed and calmly wait for my sign to get up! Who would have ever thought his suburban dog would adapt so quickly to the hustle and bustle of city life so quickly, including all of the noise that follows you everywhere.


My bond with Flex was almost instant, and I`m really going to miss this little monkey *he`s even been known to steal a banana (or 2) off the counter! He`ll always be my little monkey.

He`s such a smiley boy.

``ohhhh lady! that feels gooood!``

Flex experiencing freedom at the dog park

Someone is really relaxed!

Friends ...

Taking a well needed rest after some serious doggie play with Logan and Owen.

Waiting for the nice guys here to bring us our lunch. They even gave Flex a little something!

Even in his crate, Flex`s eyes very rarely left mine.

Getting ready for the gym!

Dying for Logan to warm up to him .... Flex would spend a lot of time just sitting close to him, waiting for a sign to indicate possible friendship.

Learning to share, and take a treat `gentle`.
My little sewing assistant. Flex was super close, Velcro style during my late night sewing sessions.


..and as I finish this blog entry, Flex just trotted by me with a hanger in his mouth. That pretty much sums up this little crazy dude!

3 thoughts on “Flextrospective: A Photo Summary

  1. What a fun job you have. That is one cute dog, and very photogenic. Those are some cute pictures. I’m sure his owner will be pretty happy with his progress. Take care.


  2. Desina

    Oh, soo shamed. I think you may just have accomplished more in two weeks with Flex than I have in more than a year with my girl, Serenity. Maybe I should have boarded the two of us with you…


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