WANT IT: The Good Boy & The Good Puppy

Happy Friday!

It’s been crazy in my house for the past 12 days, as Woofstock prep is coming to a climax!
Woofstock, North America’s Largest Dog Festival begins tomorrow for a weekend of dog crazy fun.  If you’re in Toronto, please stop by and say hello to Logan and me. For more information on my booth location, please click here.



Enjoy these lovely dog themed lamps.

Would you have the nerve to display one of these?! I’m still on the fence about it!


Whatshisname wants to make the uncomfortable comfortable. No one likes looking at dogs doing their business, but the English artist aims to desensitize you to the sight with his new lamps, The Good Boy and the smaller sized, The Good Puppy. The designer says that the “Good Boy lamp was designed as an item of everyday use that makes the user uncomfortable with every use.” He passed that test with flying colours. The lamps take about a month to complete and so far about 100 have been produced. The smaller version goes for £1000 while the larger has a price tag of £2500.


pic and info: Whatshisname via knstrct

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