Photographer lives the dream by capturing the comedy of dogs

Kaylee Greer is a Boston-based dog photographer who “is fueled by the joy, whimsy and unrelenting happiness that is so uniquely canine.”

Equipped with a Canon 1-DX and a Canon 5D MkIII, her signature style is intensely saturated and comical portraits of dogs.

She detailed on her website, “I am a fan of anything fuzzy that walks on four legs, but of those things – dogs are my absolute favorite. It is my personal belief that there is more happiness glittering in the iris of a smiling puppy than there is anywhere else in the world.”

zzGreer’s favorite breed is the Pit Bull Terrier and she has her own rescued pup, Joshua. She stated, “It’s their smiles, their wags, the way that the character and joy just oozes out of them. Their expressions are endless – their smiles are enormous and just totally out of control.”

zzzThrough her company, Dog Breath Photography, Greer offers private pet sessions as well as commercial shoots but, most notably, she travels the world teaching and inspiring others to photograph dogs and help get them adopted.


 It’s no surprise then that she volunteers as a photographer for her local animal shelter “in an attempt to give them the best chance possible of escaping a life of lonely cages and metal bars… all unique and wonderful in their own way. All equally innocent and deserving of a warm home to call their own.”


You can see more of Greer’s work on 500px.

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Custom Dog Portrait Crayon Sculptures by Wax Nostalgic


Ever wished you had a pocket-sized version of your dog that you could carry around with you and occasionally use as a writing utensil? Us too! Which is why we are very much in love with Hoang Tran’s custom pet portraits that are carved into—you guessed it—crayons! For a mere $65, Tran will take a photo of your beloved pup and recreate its adorable face on the top of a crayon. Tran adds some extra details by melting wax from other crayons and applying is as an accent to the main figure. You can purchase your favourite character or a custom produced pet portrait on Etsy. Check his Tumblr called Wax Nostalgic or his Facebook for more.

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